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Class Stenolaemata

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[see also Class Gymnolaemata]

Order Cyclostomatida

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Crisia spp.

Crisia spp.
Phylum Bryozoa, Class Stenolaemata, Order Cyclostomatida,  Family Crisiidae

Erect, finely branched & delicate; 3-5 cm tall; side branches <1 mm across; white to cream.

Common, but patchy; on rocks among red algae & other sessile invertebrates.

Geogr. Range: British Columbia to Baja
Similar species: Scrupocellaria has a similar branching pattern but is much more robust with thicker branches. Branching hydroids such as Obelia are much more delicate than Crisia.

Image: Diodora aspera (cntr left), Paracyathus (top rt.). Phidolopora pacifica (bottom rt.), Calliostoma ligatum (far left)

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Diaperoforma californica

Diaperoforma californica  (d'Orbigny, 1852)
Phylum Bryozoa, Class Stenolaemata, Order Cyclostomatida, Family Diastoporidae

Erect; branches flattened in cross section 2-4 mm across. Pale yellow or tan. Colonies 5-8 cm thick & >30 cm across in some sites.

Moderately common, but patchy in Monterey; provides habitat for many kinds of small motile  invertebrates.

Geogr. Range: British Columbia to Baja
Synonyms: Diaperoecia californica
Similar species: branches of Lagenicella are orange-tan, round in cross section rather than flattened, and more tightly packed.  Celleporella is creamy white & has thicker branches, round in cross section & grows more erect.

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